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One-of-a-kind sculptural art in fiber, ceramic and mixed media

A Drove of Hares

When we replaced our front lawn with low water pollinators, we were visited by a pair of huge jack rabbits who feasted on our new plants.  Deciding we needed a "scarecrow" hare, I created On Guard, shown here.  He was soon followed by his posse.

Scenes from the Leporid Tarot

Carrying on with the Hare theme, I have imagined a tarot deck in which all the characters are hares.  Here are scenes from the Major Arcana of the Leporid Tarot


Pit Fired Ceramic

Pit firing is a wonderfully unpredictable "primitive" firing technique.  These vessels were fired in a shallow pit dug at the beach.  The colors come not from glazes but from sawdust, cow dung, salt and seaweed lining the pit.


My love of persimmons started me making persimmon pinch pots.  They felt so good in my hand that I made a lot!


Persimmon Mania
Undulate Vessels

Combining traditional materials (pine needles and ceramic) and traditional     methods (coiling and slab), I push the final product into a non-traditional sculptural vessel, while honoring the original rhythms of the materials.  The finished vessels make statements about a moment in time, a sense of place, a cycle started, a cycle complete.

These handbuilt teapots began as clay slabs or pinchpots covered with many layers of colored slip which were carved back, stretched and manipulated to reveal abstract patterns.  After being formed into a teapot and bisque fired, glazes were added and fired again. 


Sculptural Teapots
Fine Art

I started working with pine needles in 1996, a direct result of living under some messy long needled pine trees.  Pine needle baskets are an elegant recycled art form:  the needles are only used when they are down and dry.

I enjoy combining them with other natural objects to create a piece with refined elegance.

Wall Sculpture

Mixed media and ceramic for the wall. The final sizes and number of elements of the ceramic pieces can vary to fit the space to be filled.

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