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Ten Day Sale:
Comfort and Contemplation
August 1 – 10

Right before our Shelter-In-Place Orders started, I had begun to experiment with building mugs in a new lovely speckled buff mid range clay body.  All during March, April, May and June, I have continued to find comfort in isolation by building one mug at a time, investigating new mug shapes and glazes. I offer that comfort on to you with this body of work.  Each is one-of-a-kind, dishwasher safe with food safe glazes.


Eventhough the Ten Day Sale is officially over, you can still follow the link to purchase mugs!

Also during lockdown, I have continued to work on my new series “Scenes From the Leporid Tarot,” a deck in which all the characters are giant hares, solemn and grave.   These pieces are each hand built bas relief sculptures which hang from the wall (hanging hardware included).  Each is a unique “card” of the major arcana of the Leporid Tarot, approximately 14h x 10w x 4d”.  Each seems to carry a contemplative message for our times which I have enjoyed exploring as I work on them one by one.


During this Ten Day Sale, I'll be donating 5% of my proceeds to Teamworks Art Mentoring Program, teaching creative expression and collaboration for underserved youth in Marin.

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